About Us

A gym located in Pulau Tikus, catering to those who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The Body Factory’s goal is to bring awareness to the benefits of living and leading a fit lifestyle without giving up your normal lives.

Our mission at the Body Factory is to create a community of individuals that motivate and cultivate the ideologies behind fitness and wellness. We encourage like-minded individuals to join us and contribute towards fortifying our mission throughout Penang.

We’ve recently pivoted our business model, we’re no longer a membership-driven gym open to the public. We’ve decided to work with other fitness experts and those who are looking for personalised training, coaching and fitness-related advice.

We welcome freelance personal trainers, nutritionists, wellness experts and anyone else that is related to and certified by a credible governing body within the Fitness and Wellness Industry – If you have any further enquiries please feel free to contact us.

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